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    V Tech cordless landline system not dececting landline

    My V Tech landline system that I had since 2016 now will not detect my line the display says "No Landline Connected" but when I get a call it works like normal but it does not ring Plz Help Me!
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    Landline to Verizon home phone connect

    Due to AT&T raising the rates on my landline, I'm now in the process of connecting to Verizon home phone connect. However, I have run into a problem that I'm hoping someone can help me. I have a corded phone in my room and cordless phone downstairs. I don't why but the cordless phone will not...
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    Jabra usb headset connecting to 2.5mm jack

    Hello, I have a Jabra Pro 930 that has a mini usb port that connects to a computer's USB port. The headset for my Panasonic cordless phone (2.5 mm) broke and I'd like to connect the base of my Jabra headset to the 2.5mm input jack in my phone. Is it possible? I've been searching for a...
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    Cordless Phone Specs

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Not sure if this is the correct group for this post. Hope so. Trying to find a new cordless phone but comparing some specific specs seems very difficult or at least I'm not finding a good web site resource. Does anyone know of a good site on...