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    Windows 11 PC corrupting external SSD drives in docking station, help!

    I recently got a Sabrent 5-bay USB docking station for SSD drives. I put 2 SanDisk 1 TB SSD Plus SATA III drives in it and connected it via a USB 3.0 port in my Windows 11 PC. Both of the SSD drives in the docking station are repeatedly corrupted for some unknown reason. I changed the USB port...
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    Cant restore, repair, backup, nothing. And need to fix it. Help plz!!!

    I have a refurbished Toshiba L657 that came with Win 7 (?Ultimate) 64 bit. I installed the free install of Win 10 and some time later had to get it repaired and the put Win 7 Ultimate 32 bit on it. I recently installed Advanced SystemCare / iobit on it and thought it was fine. HUGE HUGE HUGE...