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    Corsair link issue

    Okay so i have a gaming PC i built about a year ago. Recently i bought a corsair dominator airflow ram cooler, mainly for looks. I hooked it up it powered on fine but then i realized the stock red led on the fans did not match my color scheme. So, i downloaded corsair link to change the led...
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    Confused b/w Lenovo Y510p (755m SLI) or MSI GT 60 Dominator-424(gtx 870m)

    So for pure gaming performance which one will be better? If msi then i will upgrade it to 16gb ram and a 128gb mSATA SSD..
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    My system with photoshop cs5

    i was wondering how well my build will run photoshop cs5. just built it: i7-870 gigabyte p55 ud3 mobo 4gb corsair dominator ram sapphire radeon 4870 1gb ocz vertex 2 60gb ssd 2 tb western digital blue ultra 650 psu haf-x case just wanted to see if this would run it smoothly