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    I have Corsair Link and SpeedFan installed. Which one Should I use?

    I installed Corsair Link quite a while ago but I'm not impressed by it, at least by the lack of options. After reading and using the program a few times, I really enjoyed it. I'd really like some help. Thanks a bunch. (BTW) i couldn't find the best category for this question, sorry.
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    Corsair Link Windows 8.1 problem

    Hi all I am having a problem with Corsair Link. Since I updated to Windows 8.1, Corsair Link has been rather buggy. It runs in the system tray and shows all information properly but when I click "Show CorsairLINK" nothing happens. Yes I have tried the Regegit thing.
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    Corsair link won't give any numbers or information

    My corsair link has been working properly for about a week now in my new system, freshly installed everything. As of recently corsair link has stopped working in the sense of everything reads 0, CPU load is 0, fan rpms are 0, won't even show what color light my h100i is producing, I've...