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  1. K

    [UK] [Recommendation] - Looking to buy a camera to film, advice please

    I have between £100-£150. I used a Canon 550D back in college and liked it, should I pick one of these up on Ebay? Any advice much appreciated, I can provide more info if requested. I like this camera because it has a manual depth of field focus and shoots 1080p. Recommendations please.
  2. MaTpr0F

    980M over 970M, worth it?

    Hi Everyone! I'm trying to decice between 2 Asus ROG laptops. 1 is equipped with 980M the other is with 970M. Does the 980M worth the extra cost? Many thanks for your help!
  3. S

    Nikon D7000 VS Canon EOS 70D?

    Hey I was going to get the canon eos 70D: but don't ship that product or what seems like any Canon cameras to Ireland (I'm not buying from the UK...
  4. J

    Which of these laptops is better?

    Hey I have been searching for some laptops in retail stores at my area and I've come across two that seem pretty good for my budget. One of them is a Dell Inspirion 15 3000 series with i5-4210u, hd graphics 4400, no touchscreen, 8gb memory, 1tb hard drive and I was able to get this for $500 on...
  5. P

    Gaming laptops or Mobile power stations ??

    Hey guys, I am a bit concerned about buying a laptop.I Basically do ((Mid range,and stragedy) Games on laptop)And also i prefer My design works(with AutoCad,Movie editing and ADobe creative suite to be Flawless),AND My budget is about (1200USD)..Let me know What to consider when...
  6. S

    Need recommendation for a camera

    Hello. I am looking for a camera, preferably a DSLR. I need it for my sight seeing trips. I'd like a good resolution, good low light performance, preferably touch screen but not necessary. hight focus points and weatherproof. Filming performance not necessary. I have a budget of £1000...
  7. Ojsitv

    Is this good for gaming?

    Please I am thinking of getting this computer will this run these games/applications smoothly at mid to ultra settings? here is the link to the computer: games: Minecraft Team fortress 2 Space...
  8. M

    Sager VS Alienware VS Other

    I had a Razer Blade Pro 2013 and am thinking about getting a refund as it has not worked properly since i first bought it. I had it in the shop 2 times and customer support, although very helpful, could not seem to solve the issues (keyboard ghosting, keyboard crashing, etc.). Overall, however...
  9. T

    Is it worth fixing my laptop's BIOS?

    I recently set a password on my laptop's BIOS and I forgot what it was. Unfortunately I did not have it written somewhere and I can no longer access my BIOS. I wanted to install Ubuntu/Linux and be able to use other operating systems. I can't change the boot device without the BIOS. I read that...
  10. G

    is this tablet worth that price, is it any good

    I can either buy 8 inks for £89.91 and get a free tablet ( or I can buy 8 inks for £47.95 and no tablet what do you think is should do, is the tablet any good, it wouldn't be used an awful lot