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    Yamaha Stereo Amp A-300 (1983) with Mission m71i speakers

    I got both the amp and the speakers off Gumtree and the speakers have worked well for years now. The amp was bought as a backup for me to take to uni but when I play music I occasionally get a cracking sound, the amp will either reboot itself or stay powered but not connect to the speakers? Any...
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    Cracked laptop case

    The cracks are about an inch long on the outer cover of the laptop (opposite side of the screen). What is the best way to stop the cracks from propagating (or the best course of action, if not this)? I don't have enough confidence in my technical abilities to risk trying to repair it myself.
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    Scratch or Crack on laptop screen (?)

    So I recently hit the screen of my very recently bought laptop. The scratch looks relatively small (less than a centimeter long), but even after trying with toothpaste it didn't smooth out. Which leads me to believe it may actually be a tiny crack. Here are photos of the damage...
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    Can I fix my Moto X 2nd generation?

    I dropped my Moto x and chipped the top left. for a while it only showed a bit of the top screen with an orange tint. and some things that resembles burn marks? But now Its completely black. I can hear vibrations and the alarm still goes off. Can I get this repaired?
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    Cracked tablet screen

    the screen on my tablet has a small crack in it but 1 half of the screen doesn't seem to be working. I can slide it up and use half the keyboard on it but that's about it. I can't even log into it due to the keyboard being a full screen keyboard. The tablet is windows 8.1. pictures of the crack...
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    .dll files missing

    Hello. I downloaded "Dll-Files Fixer" and used a crack (it was probably a keygen). It worked fine and installed the required .dll file like a charm. However, when I opened it the second time, it gave the error "Your license is invalid. Please contact support." So, i unstalled it and installed a...