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  1. Mathias Aivasovsky

    Question Laptop With Broken screen and keyboard, how do I connect it to a external monitor?

    Hi, I was trying to take an old laptop with the screen cracked (it still worked) and a broken keyboard, and transform it into a desktop PC, I made the case and everything, yesterday I was finally installing windows on the PC, I uninstalled the cracked monitor and when I reinstalled it later I...
  2. V

    Lenovo Tab S8 50-L cracked digitizer replacemet

    My lenovo Tab S8 50-L tab's screen cracked. I plan to buy a digitizer online and replace it myself. I read in some posts that buying a digitizer+lcd combo would be easier. Can someone throw some light on this? And how do i separate the LCD+Digitizer panel of the damaged tablet from the frame...