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    Question Screen problems on Huawei

    Hi! I dropped my phone and my screen c*racked. The LCD is not damage because it still work properly but the thing is the outer screen (?) broke and my phone looks ugly as hell. It's also hard to read because the cracks are everywhere. What kind of screen do I buy and how to change it? Im...
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    Question Samsung cracked TV screen

    I have a 55" TV, purchased in October. We were watching the TV on 31st May, and it made a loud popping noise and then showed a spider web pattern on the screen. I contacted my retailer, who told me to contact Samsung. I called Samsung, who eventually arranged for an engineer to collect the TV...
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    Cracked laptop case

    The cracks are about an inch long on the outer cover of the laptop (opposite side of the screen). What is the best way to stop the cracks from propagating (or the best course of action, if not this)? I don't have enough confidence in my technical abilities to risk trying to repair it myself.
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    My laptop screen won't display anything

    I got this fairly new laptop from a friend which he said was broken. It had a hard drive crash. I replaced it and got it working again. I don't have room on my desk for a giant laptop so I opened up the laptop and thought it would be smart to separate the screen from the actual laptop. I did...