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  1. Can You Help Me Please

    What ios app can I use for my Craigslist Ad so that I can verify it via SMS with a real U.S. mobile phone number

    I just recently posted an ad on Craigslist and when I went to my email I got an email that said that I had to have a text sent to my phone for verification purposes with a code. I currently have an iPhone 6 Plus and my mobile phone service provider is Freedompop. For some reason I did not...
  2. K

    Should I get these speakers and repair them?

    These speakers need new foam surrounds for the woofers, but I have no idea how these sound like since they have a very little online presence. I'm not a crazy audio person but I do have some good headphones and I can't keep borrowing my Dad's speakers. I have all the tools to repair speakers and...
  3. Odonix

    How To Sell A Gaming PC?

    This past summer I built my first gaming rig for around $1200. I am unsatisfied and want to sell it. Where can I sell it? There is nothing wrong with it either. I have it on craigslist and all I've gotten is scammers. I can't use Ebay because when I try to sell something it says I can sell 0...