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  1. A

    Solved! Random crashes while on chrome but not while gaming.

    I couldn't find tech support for PC, hopefully that is okay. Attached is my build (, I have never once had this issue while gaming but when I am browsing on chrome my PC would stop responding, first with the video playing and then the audio cuts shortly...
  2. D

    Question Crash + reboot cycle for a week

    Hello ! I've been having issues with my laptop Strix GL703 of one year since last week. I updated my driver with GeForce to GeForce Game Ready driver 441.66 and it started crashing randomly + reboot/crash/reboot/crash. Did all sort of scans, scanned for virus as well (I have Avast pro and...
  3. B

    Is my computer broken?

    My laptop has been freezing. If I do a factory restore and it continues freezing, does this prove there is a hardware problem? there are no viruses, thanks for your help
  4. I

    Laptop freezing/shutting down when low fan speed/idle/low temps

    Recently I've been diagnosing my mothers laptop that at first seemed to randomly freeze/shut down/crash due to overheating. But upon extensive testing it freezes/shuts down with low activity and I can replicate these conditions. It also shuts down/crashes while in BIOS but with opposite...
  5. K

    Need for more RAM?

    Hello, I am currently running a laptop with i5 3rd gen, 4gb ram and a radeon 8750HD. I am encountering problems such as while switching back between different applications, the laptop freezes and most of the time crashes, for eg. Switching to windows with csgo running 99% of the time windows...
  6. O

    PC crashes while Gaming

    Hello everyone. I'm new on here. I need help please. My Laptop, A Lenovo Y50-70 gaming pc crashes too often. While playing games like FIFA 16, Watch Dogs etc, My pc will freeze with a buzzing sound. I'll have to perform a forced shut-down. This is getting out of hand and I'm really sick and...
  7. Can You Help Me Please

    What Is The Best Media To Save My Music Recordings To?

    One discovery that is really a no brainer is online storage, but host also have hard drive crashes issues too, but even if I could hold them liable, I would rather have what I recorded then money that doesn't mean nothing for the work I put into my music. I was sort of thinking of getting a...
  8. Rayven2

    Facebook Loading Issues

    I've been having this issue for a few months now, figured I'd reach out to you guys. It will allow me to log in but only partly load the page itself, if I try open messages or go to profile it will crash. However all other websites will work completely fine (This also including using different...
  9. R

    Alot of programs wont start

    Hi recently most of my programs wont start and crashes. First it was skype acting up then i reinstalled it and it worked after that premiere pro cs6 and i dont know how it worked after a while and now freemake video converter .,, I use these programs to edit my youtube videos and i really need...
  10. P

    SolidWorks 2013 file>new crashes

    Hi all, Having a problem with one of my computers. An old desktop with nVidia GTX560Ti will run SW2013 perfectly. A brand new laptop wont. At least.. when I want to create a new file. This is my first "self install" of a system, so I might have forgotten something, but nowhere anybody knows...