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  1. mangaman

    Malwarebytes says that Rapidvideo is riskware

    So I've been reading online that Malware-bytes premium blocks Rapidvideo. They said that it was associated with riskware, and uses your browser to mine cryptocurrency. Before downloading the free premium trial for Malware-bytes, my CPU never spiked above 20% when watching videos through...
  2. G

    What Is Cryptojacking (and How to Avoid This Coin-Mining Malware)

    Ever see your computer speed up inexplicably when you land on a website? You may have been cryptojacked. What Is Cryptojacking (and How to Avoid This Coin-Mining Malware) : Read more
  3. B

    Lookin for a reliable hardware wallet for my crypto?

    I'm currently using CoolwalletS to store my ether but their app keeps freezing on every transaction, i’m considering nano S but i want something that is easy to carry in my wallet, are there any coldwallets like the CoolwalletS but without all the annoying little bugs?
  4. T

    GPU hot but... not doing anything heavy - crypto scam???

    Radeon 290 idle temerature @ 75°Celsius. The gpu does nothing but a few web pages opened. I have 2 Radeon 290 Sapphire cards on a pc. The ambient temperature is around 25°C. I think this is not a normal temperature of a gpu doing nothing??? I have an antivirus ESET smart security premium. How...
  5. G

    Apple Boots Cryptocurrency Mining From the iPhone

    Revised app guidelines from Apple mean you won't be able to mine cryptocurrency on your iPhone. Apple Boots Cryptocurrency Mining From the iPhone : Read more
  6. G

    What Is CryptoKitties, and Is It Worth Playing?

    CryptoKitties is a game built on blockchain that lets you acquire, breed and sell virtual cats, sometimes for serious cash. What Is CryptoKitties, and Is It Worth Playing? : Read more
  7. T

    An old Alcoa plant in Upstate New York is going to be converted into one of the world's largest bitcoin mining centers

    Despite bitcoin's price decline this year, a cryptocurrency "mining" company is moving ahead with plans to repurpose a 1,300 acre plot once used by Alcoa for aluminum smelting. Coinmint said Tuesday it would invest up to $700 million in the upstate New York location, which it expects to be the...
  8. appletatoes

    Coin Magi - Wallet Question

    Hello, Not sure if anyone would know or not but I am wondering what the Sign Message and Verify Message function in the Coin Magi - Wallet program does. This wallet is used to collect the mined currency of XMG or otherwise known as Magi Coin. Thank you, Appletatoes
  9. C

    Solved! (URGENT) Totally locked out folder (Malware)

    I have a folder in AppData\Local folder named "reitskb" and I know it's part of a RAT-Based Cryptocurrency Miner that appears in my task manager as "Windows Process Manager (32 bit)" but when I attempt to delete it, I get an Access Denied error, and the Security tab of properties says I'm the...
  10. DarkTron

    What Cryptocurrency shoul I CPU/GPU mine?

    Title basically describes itself. What Cryptocurrency is the best to mine with my CPU or GPU in February 2016? Where will I be able to get more money out of it than the power will cost me? (The Cryptocurrency should probably be ASIC-resistant)
  11. S

    How to Start Mining Bitcoin with a GPU(not recommended)

    Bitcoin is the new hot thing. It is a virtual cryptocurrency that is distributed or "minted" by having computers do SHA-256 calculations often called hashing. This currency can be used as payment online and entirely decentralized so it can be transferred quickly and is nearly untraceable and has...