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  1. CherlynnLow

    What is Cyanogen? Why Should You Care?

    Everything you need to know about Cyanogen -- the Android modification that may be better than Android itself. What is Cyanogen? Why Should You Care? : Read more
  2. MrTuRtLe03

    Flashing custom ROM on phone

    Hello everyone! I want to flash a custom ROM on my phone, a Galaxy S 3 i9300 (I have done this dozens of times before, but never with a cell phone. Usually just tablets and such). Would this affect my carrier or anything. My carrier is US Cellular, and the phone is in working condition with a...
  3. 0

    my compunter wont detect my sd card

    So, i have the cyanogenmod s5830i on my samsung galaxy ace and my compunter keps saying " the device you have enterd has not been recognised" ive tried updating the drivers but nothing works. :( p.s: it still works in my phone please help me :D