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  1. F

    Is my mom safe from hackers?

    Hello, computer geniuses. My mom made a forum post a day ago and it displayed a IP address under her post. As seen in the picture below. Removed Is that our IP address and how dangerous is it to give away your IP address to strangers?
  2. C

    Is this something i should uninstall? gtk# for .net 2.12.26

    Found this in my uninstall programs page in Control PANEL and have no idea if it is a legit thing or not. Usually when i search something like this out i find windows or people here saying whether it's legit or not. all i get back are what I usually consider fake links. Help? :~)
  3. P

    Trojan R "quarantined" by AVG free...am still in danger?

    Hi, So, yesterday I was talking with a production company on the phone, went to their site to find a map to their location and a pop up told me the font on the sit couldn't display and to download a driver update....if I hadn't been distracted by the call I think I would have recognized the...
  4. S

    Privacy of Mac address

    If a random person on the internet knows my Mac address is that any danger to my security? is there anything they can do with it?
  5. I

    Laptop not charging and voltage on case

    My HP probook is rarely charging, only when holding the charger in a specific position. When it's not charging, and I hold the case I feel a strong electric current going through my hand, but this never happens with the AC unplugged. The OS doesn't give any errors, it just shows "Connected to...
  6. JP7PlaysMC

    Good Anti-Virus Options.

    Hello there! I need some help deciding if I should or not use an Anti-Virus (and which one). I don't really do much that'd put my PC in danger and I'm currently running a combo of MalwareBytes with Windows 8.1s default AV (Windows Defender). Should I uninstall Windows Defender and use other...
  7. A

    is laptops good to cloak?

    can i cloak my laptop is there danger in cloaking laptops ?
  8. G

    Is My Steam Account Still in Any Type of Danger?

    So my question is, Is my steam account in any more danger? I was phished about 3 weeks ago (Yes I know I am stupid and naive). But since then I changed my password for my Steam account and email. I also have Steam Guard enabled.I accidentally downloaded the SSFN file called SteamGuard.exe if...
  9. Q

    i'm being hacked? (at least what my browser tells me)

    on one of my laptops i can't access the internet because there seems to be someone hacking on my pc or something like that. whenever i try to access any of my browsers it will give a error (something about privacy) e.g. google says that hackers are trying to access info from my browsers but...
  10. C

    How safe is it to ground lift my studio monitors connected to my computer?

    Hi audio specialists, I am currently experiencing a constant hum from my studio monitors which I eventually pinpointed to be a ground loop. All my electronics (studio monitors, computer, pc monitors) are connected to a single power strip which unfortunately, did not remove the hum from the...