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  1. igrk

    Question Help i just lost my data.

    setup c ssd d e hdd Hello, today i wanna to defrag my hardisk but disk e doesnt detected while i wanna try to defrag it. Later i try chkdsk /f on disk c. after chkdsk finish my laptop restart and suddenly my d and e becoming raw eith 100% freespace what should i do to return my lost data? hope...
  2. M

    Solved! Turning on MacBook Pro (Late 2008) for the first time in 4 data?

    I turned on my MacBook Pro for the first time since about 4 years. Instead of going to the account screen, the Mac showed a choose-your-language screen and then the OS X Utility. It seems that there is no data on the hard drive (except for ~300MB in Other) according to Disk Utility. I also did...
  3. A

    How to open Folder's Locked By Folder Lock in case of Not Remembering Password

    Hello to Everyone I was having some Important Data in My PC , For which I used Folder Lock v7.5.1 To Protect It But by mistake i have Forgotten It's Password !! AND now I can not Open IT CaN anyone Help me There !!!! Program: Folder Lock v7.5.1 OS: Windows 7. 32bit Problem: Lost Password...