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    Question Pocophone F1 not charging and not booting

    I was using my phone this morning when it froze on me. I rebooted the phone like normal when it displayed a loading screen that says nothing on it. It was loading for quite some time, like around an hour or so. I'm pretty sure that there are no updates during that time, that is why I decided to...
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    Not exactly sure where on the forums this needs to go but. help is needed if you have the time <3 (zenfone 2)

    ok so ive had a zenfone 2 55ml for about a year... maybe almost a year and a half... 4gb ram 64gb with 125gb sd card the whole shabang well after almost a year i started having problems.. most likely my fault but ill get to that in a sec. phones great... when it wants to work but about 6...