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  1. JTan_25

    Which laptop should I buy? UX430 or UX331 from ASUS?

    The ones i’m contemplating between have about the same price. I hear the 430 has really bad PWM monitor but I think im not gonna get affected by it (hopefully, idk ive never tried pwm screens). The 430 also has coil whine and overheating issues if im correct? The 331 on the other hand has none...
  2. MaTpr0F

    Alienware 18 or Asus Rog G751JY?

    Hi Everyone! I'm planning to buy a laptop. There are 2 options so far at the same price. I can get an Asus G751JY with 980M OR an Alienware 18 with 770m SLi. Which is the better choise? Or if you can recommend me other model at the same price i'm all ears. Many thanks for your help!
  3. C

    Help me decide which one to get

    Which one should I get ASUS vs. DELL vs. Lenovo? can you please help me decide which of the laptop should I buy.. Im still undecided which brand is the best. Below you can see the lists of the specifications they all look similar that's why I'm having a problem which should I pick. a) Lenovo...
  4. naroslife

    [Q] [Decision] Lenovo M5400 vs. Z50

    Hello there! I'm looking at the following laptops and can't decide which one to buy: Lenovo M5400 Silver 59-409075 FD ■ CPU: Intel Core i5 4200M (2.5 GHz) ■ Graphics Card: 2048 MB Nvidia Geforce GT 740M ■ Price: $810 USD / £499 GBP Lenovo Z50-70 i7 Silver 59-424606 FD ■ CPU: Core i7 4510U...
  5. D

    Sager/Clevo W230SS or W110ER? (Need to make a decision today)

    Hi all, I am in the process of looking for a smaller, lightweight gaming laptop and I narrowed it down to one choice, but then I found a really good deal online. So, I am looking to you guys to help me decide. I would like to be able to run modern games, and continue to run modern games for a...
  6. B

    I need to decide between these two laptop models

    Hi, I need some help deciding on these two models (T430 & W530). First, let me detail the reasons why I'm planning to buy one of these two: I work full time in the QA department of a software company, and I study CS in the evenings/weekends to eventually make my way to becoming a developer...