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  1. H

    Lots of difficulty

    Hi recently got a Dell inspiron 7559 - i7 6700hq - 8gb ram - gtx 960m 4gb - 1tb 5400rpm hdd At first I was struggling to play Skyrim (not special edition) on medium setting and had loads of fps lag so decided to see a few videos on how to increase performance, this helped a bit and now plays...
  2. Tenslaster2980

    Should I keep my Laptop and get a Desktop?

    So I have a Laptop (for Youtube) and the hardware is...wearing away from use to say the least. I used to be able to record at 720p but now I have to settle with 480p (rendered in 720p), but I have adjusted. My friend has been suggesting that I keep my Laptop and get a Desktop. The reasoning is...