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  1. K

    Sound card(internal amplified) combined with external HP-amp rule?

    Hello, I'm just wondering if there's some rule against using an amplified signal from say, a XONAR DGX on headphone mode, into an external headphone amplifier. I have the XONAR DGX it has 3 settings for the headphone option I also own the Schiit Magni. I might be getting some ' hard to run '...
  2. JFo

    I'm looking to get a SMSL SD793-II, what cables do I need to connect it to my PCIe soundcard?

    I'm looking to get a SMSL SD793-II for my Grado SR80's which I currently run through a Xonar DGX PCIe soundcard. I'm a bit of an audio noob and am unsure if running the SMSL SD793-II through the soundcard is the best idea, and if so, what cables would I need to connect it? Thanks.