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  1. dudunnpesto

    Question 1 RCA to 1 3.5mm Jack?

    So i got a pretty dated car and it has 2 RCA ports, R and L audio. And i need to connect an AUX 3.5mm jack to the car, so i found this Single RCA Male to Double AUX Female adapter. Will it work plugged into just one port (ex. R port) And will the sound come out normal?
  2. T

    Solved! DAC converter doesn’t connect to tv (it does on ps3/ps4 though -help)

    I bought this converter and another two actually. I Tried to connect Them with my jbl es 20 speakers which are connected to the amplifier. The tv is a Samsung ue65ks8080. And changed the settings audio...
  3. A

    HDTV optical to RCA

    I have an HDTV with optical out. Trying to connect to a mini amp that only has RCA inputs. Question is, if I connect the TV to an analog to digital converter, then connect the converter to the amp, can I control the TV volume from the TV remote? TV is an LG 55LM4700. amp is a lepai LP-2020A+...