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  1. Not_techy

    Solved! Vizio sound bar stopped recognizing digital optic cable

    I have a Vizio sound bar (model SB2920) that has been connected for multiple years to my Samsung smartTV using the digital optical cable. All was well until I thought I accidentally hit the bluetooth button on the Vizio remote and I lost sound through the sound bar. After doing a hard reset on...
  2. C

    New tv to older surround

    I have a new LG smart tv and blu ray dvd connected via HDMI. The tv is connected to my older Yamaha receiver via digital optical since it doesn't have HDMI. I run all sound through the amp and have the tv speakers off. It sounds pretty good but I have to crank up the volume. I'm wondering if...
  3. CmdrJeffSinclair

    Setup 5.1 Surround

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to get my Logitech Z506 Speakers to work over Optical cable. I bought a Panlong 5.1 Audio decoder which states it specifically works with all Logitech products (link) My PC...