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    Proper Speaker Placement studio

    Here are the dimensions of the room I need to set up as a studio (pic link attached below). 10' 8" x 11' 10" (8ft ceiling) I have 2 KRK Powered Rockit 6's Can someone please tell me the technically proper dimensions I should place the speakers in the room, for the best flat response for the...
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    ATH-M50X/ATH-M40X size of headphones

    Hi guys, I'm planning on purchasing either one of these headphones by Audio-Technica and I need some help with dimensions. If there is anyone who knows how tall or high these headphones are when on the smallest adjustment, I would really appreciate if you could tell me these dimensions. The...
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    HDD Caddy for MSI laptop

    I'm searching for an HDD caddy for the MSI gp72 leopard pro 002 .. I want to replace the optical drive inside the laptop with a caddy to expand the storage. I have been searching alot and do not know which caddy dimensions are compatible with the laptop mentioned above .. Does anyone here have...