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    How do I play a pc game (disc version)?

    So I bought a pc game as a disc, but when I load it into the disc tray it doesn't pop up with a "Run" option or anything so how do I play the game?
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    My hard drive is damaged and i can't create Windows Recovery Disc...help?

    Hi, my windows 7 acer laptop hard drive crashed recently..well it's not completely dead, the head inside the drive went into the platter and my friend was able to move it back into place..it's still damaged because it's very slow and i had to slowly move all of my files onto an external drive...
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    Games not working, blank disc

    I have bought an alienware laptop about a year ago, and quickly installed my steam games, which work fine. Recently I found my old physical games (like Spore, World of Warcraft, The Sims 3, etc.). When I try to put them in and play, they just appear as blank discs, as if I had just put in a...