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  1. L

    Laptop for graphical design student

    Hello, Christmas are almost here so I started looking for a laptop which would be good for a graphical design students. Photoshop, illustrator, premerie and ect. almost all complete adobe collection with some 3dmax. Right know I have a few questions... 1. would something like i5-7300HQ or...
  2. Graybush

    **iPhone 8 & iPhone X Features: Yay or Nay?**

    Hey everyone! With the release of the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X series we wanted to ask you: What do you think of the newest features for this series? The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus I know will be amazing updates to the iPhone line, especially since there's rumors that they'll have an IR camera...
  3. Dominic Mott

    Laptop Buying Tips?

    Hey everyone, I have been wanting to get a laptop for my work for a very long time now. I am in graphic design and I also do concept art and illustration. This being said, this is what my thought is; I need something that has at least Intel i5, a decent Nvidia card, SSD and HDD, and stock 8...
  4. Z

    Need Help Buying New Gaming Laptop.

    So, I am looking for a laptop over this weekend (old one broke down) and I think I have narrowed it down too two laptops. I am going to be using this in the classroom as well as in my dorm for gaming (BF4, COD:Ghosts, State of Decay, GTA 4/5, and Saints Row 4). The first is a Clevo p150sm...