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    Question Dish External Hard Drive problems

    OK, here is what I have tried: Bought a 2 TB seagate barracuda HD, Dish Hopper3 did not see it Bought a Unitek SATA to USB 3.0, SATA III Cable Hard Drive Adapter to see if my HD was spinning. Dish Hopper3 did not see it. Called Dish they talked me into a new Hopper3. Now that I have it not...
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    Please Help With Dish Satellite Remote

    Yes I tried to hook up a roku box to my dads TV and finally got it to work but thinking I may have changed a wrong setting in the TV settings. On my dish remote if I click the "sat" button it goes to a blank screen. If I go into my TV inputs and select "component" the dish screen comes up but...
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    Does this monitor work with a Dish Joey?

    Monitor: I'm really on the edge about getting it. If it does support Dish, I'll grab it. Thanks for any feedback!