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  1. P

    Shared dedicated GPU memory

    Yes im talking about dedicated, not integrated. Iv got a i7-6700HQ with intel graphics 530 and a GTX 970M. I know shared memory means my RAM, and that integrated cards use it since they dont have that much VRAM. But why does my dedicated have it, but, never use it? On my integrated card it...
  2. hanser30

    Can I upgrade my laptop's display?

    Hi guys, I have a Lenovo W541 and I currently have the standard 1080p screen. I was wondering if I could upgrade it later to the 3k display. I want to know if I have to change the bezel or any other part in order to install this display. Full Specs: CPU- i7-4810mq GPU- k2100m Ram- 16gb @...