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    getting inside an asus Q551LN

    I purchased this 2 in 1 and being that it has 8gb ram upgrade-able to 12gb i bought another 4 gig stick. my problem is im having a hard time getting the back panel off. has anyone gotten one of these open before and noticed any hinges/clips/screws other than the exterior screws that hold it on...
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    Toshiba Satelllite C55-B5300 Disassembly guide? I need to replace the screen.

    So I am a college student and last night, my backpack was stepped on, and so was my laptop. I see screens for this laptop online, and I am quite sure that if I had the guide, I could replace it. But I cannot remove the battery because it is on the inside. And I'm pretty sure that its a big no-no...