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  1. trayceetrace

    Question Docking station to support a dual monitor setup where one monitor is 4k 60Hz and the other is 2k 144Hz/165Hz?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a dock, as the title suggests. I have a M1 Macbook Air, a Thinkpad Laptop (Work Laptop) and a PC built with a ASUS B550-i motherboard along with a 3060ti FE graphics card. Currently, I have a Dell 4k 60Hz monitor and was looking to add a 2k 144hz/165Hz LG gaming...
  2. J

    Question Need Information for Windows Laptop Computer And Docking Station Compatibility

    There are many reviews on laptops and docking stations independently, however I am unable to find any reviews that discuss the docked configuration and how the computer and dock work together. In the "olden days", the laptop computer had a socket on the bottom that interfaced with the docking...
  3. X

    Question Two desks - one dock?

    Hi - I WFH and have two desks set up. One is a standing with a treadmill so a seated desk is also set up. Without having to pop the laptop off one dock and move it to another every time, is there a way have one dock that can toggle back and forth between each? Thanks Danielle
  4. J

    Laptop Dock Wrong Power Supply

    I'm using a HP 2012 Standard laptop dock with my Probook 6560b however the power supply unit I have for the dock is not the correct one. It should take a 19.5v 90w input but all I have is a 19.5v 120w unit. Will this be safe to use / cause any damage. Any advice on this is greatly appreciated...
  5. T

    A good MacBook dock?

    Hi, I am using a MacBook with two screens, headphones and a USB hub at work, and I hate to plugin all these cables every morning and when I am out of the office for meetings and come back. I am having a hard time finding a good dock, that really solves this. Does any of you have any experience...
  6. 2

    Third party replacement for iPod Nano click wheel?

    So my 3rd gen iPod Nano (5 years old now) got included in the washer last month. Two days ago, I charged it and it turned on. Awesome! Not quite. The problem is the click wheel is not working. Now I'm stuck in the setup screen. Is there a way I can substitute/replace the click wheel? Apple's...