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  1. kostaus

    Question Docking station

    Hello, Do you know if there are docking stations that support 2 external monitors without power? To be more specific, I would like to connect my 22" monitor and Wacon graph display tablet (which essentailly operates as a touchscreen display via USB-C) on my laptop. I used to do this on my...
  2. D

    Windows 11 PC corrupting external SSD drives in docking station, help!

    I recently got a Sabrent 5-bay USB docking station for SSD drives. I put 2 SanDisk 1 TB SSD Plus SATA III drives in it and connected it via a USB 3.0 port in my Windows 11 PC. Both of the SSD drives in the docking station are repeatedly corrupted for some unknown reason. I changed the USB port...
  3. debashis_das

    Question Is it possible to connect three external displays in an ASUS laptop ?

    So right now I was thinking of buying an ASUS rog STRIX G17 with Ryzen7 6800HS and RTX3050 4G. I choose this model because this device has one HDMI one USB type with display port and power delivery and a USB-C 3.2 Gent 2 port my question is can i run 4 monitors with this device all monitor are...
  4. J

    Question Need Information for Windows Laptop Computer And Docking Station Compatibility

    There are many reviews on laptops and docking stations independently, however I am unable to find any reviews that discuss the docked configuration and how the computer and dock work together. In the "olden days", the laptop computer had a socket on the bottom that interfaced with the docking...
  5. CharlesMG

    Solved! Docking station for two 2K monitors at 144Hz refresh rate?

    Hi, I am after a docking station which would allow my XPS13 7390 2in1 to power a dual monitor setup where each monitor is running 2K (2560x1440 or also known as QHD) at 144hz refresh rate. One of the candidates is the Dell Universal Dock - D6000. However, the sales team cannot confirm and the...
  6. geriuu

    Solved! Connect 144hz monitor per docking station to laptop

    So I'm thinking of getting a 144hz monitor for my laptop setup. Unfortunately my laptop does not have a display port input, which i believe is required to fully benefit from the high refresh rates of the monitor. So my question is, can i use the 144hz feature of the monitor, if i connect it to...
  7. D

    HP EliteBook 8470p - Docking Station

    Hi All, I need to know if this docking station would work with an HP EliteBook 8440p? I'll need to run dual monitors via the docking station...not sure if that matters.
  8. J

    Looking for a thunderbolt to 2 display port dual monitor solution. Please help, I am stumped.

    Hi, I am considering buying the a ASUS ROG G751JY-DB73X 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop, GeForce GTX 980M 4G. I like this computer because it has a great video card, overkill ram, and both a large ssd with a large internal storage, for a fair price. Here is the problem. I have 2 monitors (Dell...
  9. T

    Laptop w/docking station using 3 monitors advice!

    I've been looking around at Dell and Latitude for a laptop that can dock and be connected to three monitors, but it seems that going from two monitors to three is a whole new issue. Any advice on some products that would work for this? Would prefer if the price range for the laptop+docking...