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  1. Beunhaas13

    Question Dell Latitude 5490 doesn't boot

    My Dell Latitude 5490 doesn't boot up. Screen stays black. I've tried booting without the battery and without SSD. Same problem. The power on/off button doens't seem to work right either. Any tips? What should I check next to find out what's broken?
  2. Faru

    Question Asus FX553VD laptop doesn't boot up, if I keep it OFF overnight

    So I have ASUS FX553VD 8gb RAM, 1TB HDD, nVidia GTX 1050, no SSD version (Full specs), running on latest windows 10 v2004. Recently the problem I face is, the laptop denies to boot up when I try to boot it after a long period like 6-8 hours after the previous run. The problem is, when I press...