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  1. F

    Solved! Dolby Atmos or EAC3 Soundbar for MacBook

    Hi Guys, I wanna know if there is a setup that can allow me to hookup my MacBook to a sound bar and I can get 5.1 or Atmos sound ?
  2. billsam

    Solved! Can a Samsung HT_j5550l/ZN play netflix in dolby digital plus in the app on it?

    Hello I want to purchase a surround system that enables me to watch netflix in 5.1 and i saw a samsung HT_j5550l/ZN with the tall speakers for 300$ used . so I was wondering if it could be able to do the task. I have an old jvc 44 inch LED
  3. F

    Solved! NVIDIA Shield Tv + Plex = Not Getting Dolby Atmos

    Hi, I just got my Nvidia Shield Tv 2017. I am using Plex and trying to play Dolby Atmos (TrueHD 7.1) videos, but its transcoding the Audio only, not sure why. My setup are as follows Nvidia Shield: Surround Sound = Auto (also tried disabled and Always but no use) Plex : Passthrough =...