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  1. T

    Autoclick Bot for Adwords

    I have a problem with my competitor, he currently run a campaign with my domain name in display url but visitors redirected to his own website. I don't know how he do that and I have already report this to google but anything since one week. It's realy not fair. Someone can tell me how I can...
  2. Z

    Batch File Compilation

    Hi all, I'm trying to write a simple batch file for nslookup. But instead of typing nslookup I want a prompt asking me what domain name I'm trying to do a nslookup on. This may seem a bit lazy or what not but it's a stepping stone to what I really want to do with menus and...
  3. D

    IOS Youtube app URL

    Hey does anyone know the URL or Domain name that the IOS youtube app uses to access Youtube, I'm trying to block it through my router but I need a Domain name/URL. Cheers, Jake
  4. J

    Recommend an email provider

    I have a domain name and want to run email on it, not really interested in running my own server (the TOS of my residential internet service prohibits it anyway). I have my domain through Network Solutions which offers an email service, but it does not do any kind of encryption. I occasionally...
  5. G

    Apple Files Claim for iPhone 5 Domain Name

    Months before the next iPhone has been released, Apple is interested in seizing the domain from fans. Apple Files Claim for iPhone 5 Domain Name : Read more
  6. G

    How to run chess site?

    Hello, I wish to have a website, where to organize chess tournaments I have a domain name and hosting. I am limited in budget development for the site, so I found some free resources that helped me. however, I need consultations (how to connect various applications to achieve the desired result)
  7. exfileme

    Applications for ".yournamehere" Domains Open Today

    Companies can now apply for a domain name with an extension that matches their own brand or company name. Applications for ".yournamehere" Domains Open Today : Read more
  8. T

    Solved! How do i apply my new domain name to my computer ?

    i would like to know hot to add the domain name to my window 7 computer . pls help
  9. exfileme

    Next Amazon Tablet May Be Called Kindle Ice

    Recent domain name acquisitions indicate that Amazon may name its next tablet as Kindle Ice. Next Amazon Tablet May Be Called Kindle Ice : Read more
  10. jale1966

    Web Hosting and Domain name

    Hello Not sure if this is in the right category but not sure where else to post. I am looking for a good web hosting and domain site that is medium range in price nothing to expensive and nothing to cheap that has all the options and extras want to be able to do the normal website and put my...
  11. JMcEntegart to Be Auctioned Off to Highest Bidder is said to be the most valuable Internet domain name out there; so when it goes under the hammer next week, it's expected to sell for millions. to Be Auctioned Off to Highest Bidder : Read more
  12. JMcEntegart

    ICANN Approves International Domain Names

    ICANN has approved international web addresses, meaning anyone with the desire to register a domain name containing non-Latin characters will soon be able to do just that. ICANN Approves International Domain Names : Read more