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  1. aparky42

    Adapter to connect USB dongle to USB C port

    I need an adapter to connect a Tacx dongle with a standard USB plug to a Moto G7 phone that requires a USB C plug. I have not been able to find one on Amazon because I don't know the correct key words to identify what I need. Does anyone have a name for the product I need? Or, does anything even...
  2. J

    Wireless Headphones with non blue tooth amp/receiver

    I have a Yamaha RX-V673 amp/rec. I use a Vortexbox appliance to play my FLAC files through the amp. However my wife is complaining of the noise !(Led Zep, Floyd, YES) and so I want to connect up some wireless headphones to the amp. I have looked into the subject a bit and realise I need a...
  3. B

    Razer ManO'War USB Dongle Problem

    I've spent hours trying to find a solution to my problem and have gotten none. Problem: When I plug in my headset it is recognized but when I plug in the USB Dongle it shows up as Avnera AV6301. I've tried reinstalling Synapse as well as all the drivers but I still have the same problem. If...
  4. G

    Bluetooth Universal USB Adapter Not Detected on Windows 7 Laptop

    My laptop is unable to find the drivers to run my Bluetooth adapter. I run a Windows 7 OS (Windows 7 Home Premium), and I am using a brandless Bluetooth USB sensor I got off eBay. Thing is, it's actually worked on my laptop before. I stopped using it about a year ago, but there is no reason I...