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  1. P

    Batch File to Project Screen After Program Closes?

    Hello, I am running a program, and I am trying to get the screen to extend to my second display after said program closes. I have been successful in getting the opposite to happen, take the screen from the second monitor to only my primary when the program starts, but I want to reverse it when...
  2. T

    Remote Open Program

    HELP PLEASE! Ok here is my situation.. I purchased the new apple TV and for some reason almost everytime I go to watch a movie in my Library my Library has been disconnected and I need to walk upstairs, close ITUNES then reopen it, then back downstairs and all is good. I have been looking for...
  3. R

    How to pass Y in batch file

    I am trying to automate a process that spans several servers and am using batch files and PSEXEC to accomplish that. I have it all working but am running into one issue. I am running a command remotely that requires a Y to confirm the action. There is no quiet mode, /y flag, or any other...
  4. Z

    Batch File Compilation

    Hi all, I'm trying to write a simple batch file for nslookup. But instead of typing nslookup I want a prompt asking me what domain name I'm trying to do a nslookup on. This may seem a bit lazy or what not but it's a stepping stone to what I really want to do with menus and...
  5. J

    Need help with bat file.

    Im maing a bat file RPG and im creating the text that tells you health and other game variables. so when i set the variables it will not show in the actual text when i run the file. Heres what the file looks like: @Echo off color 02 Echo...
  6. Thengoboy

    C++ has CIN >> what is the equivalent in cmd batch file

    C++ has CIN >> what is the equivalent in cmd batch file to take input from either the user or a text file ?
  7. W

    Batch file help

    Im currently creating a lottery but there's something wrong about the code i just can't spot the sollution. No matter what i write in the size of people attending it only gives me the opportunity to chose between the numbers 1-2. Here's the code: @echo off set /p ipa=Select a size of people...
  8. S

    Batch script restart timer

    i've been searching for days now, can't find it anywhere. Im looking for a way to reboot the computer using a batch script but with a timer which is set by the user. so if the user wants to reboot the computer in 5 minutes, the script should do that. (sorry for the poor english.)
  9. D

    .Bat File being deleted instantly?

    Hello (sorry if his is in the wrong section) Im trying to save a text file with some commands as launch.bat but when save it as launch.bat i can see the .bat file where I saved for a few seconds but then it dissapears. I looked around on my computer and it wasnt anywhere! Help Thanks.
  10. P

    kill processes one by one using .bat

    I want to kill process "example.exe" one by one or two at a time to eventually get 0 "example.exe" processes and loop check if there's any "example.exe" processes every minute , if there is - terminate them/it. Right now I'm using this :TASKKILL TASKKILL /F /IM WerFault.exe ping -n 1...
  11. A

    batch file will not copy needed files

    this is the code i am using an di can not seem to get it to copy the files i need @echo off Color a md %~d0\networksettings md %~d0\networksettings\wireless md %~d0\networksettings\wired cd/ copy "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Wlansvc\Profiles\Interfaces\*.xml"...
  12. napster100

    Use WUSA without full path

    Because I fix many computers and laptops for people, I like to give them peace of mind by installing the latest updates too. I've made a batch that installs the Standalone Packages that I've downloaded but I have to type the full path of where they are located, so if I could type the short path...