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  1. kellysi

    Drawing/Painting App ArtRage

    I have just read a post by someone about drawing software and the person never mentioned ArtRage. I have been using it for a while now so I was just wondering if someone else tried it? To explain since I was kindly asked by moderators. The software is ArtRage and its basically a studio which...
  2. 5hadowking115

    Can someone help me decide on a laptop? (Have a few in mind)

    I was wondering if anyone could help me pick a laptop for school and general use. I have a few in mind, but I'd like to get some other opinions. Currently, I'm looking at : 1. Lenovo Yoga 920 (8th Gen) 2. HP Spectre x360 (8th Gen, both 13 and 15 inch models) 3. Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 (8th Gen) 4...
  3. P

    $200 Laptop With EMMC Drive Vs $200 Chromebook

    Hello, My daughter needs a device for school. They recommend a Chromebook because 1) they use Google apps and 2) they say it'll be faster than a laptop, because of the use of eMMC drives vs traditional HDDs. But, my daughter is a budding artist who really wants to start using a computer with a...
  4. D

    Gaming and drawing laptop?

    Does anyone here know a good laptop for gaming, drawing and online servers? Whatever the price, I just need suggestions. Thanks :)
  5. SteelFangs

    Gaming, Drawing, Multitasking Laptop? Help

    I need help deciding on a new laptop, my current one is just not doing it for me anymore - so many issues internally and externally. I'm not too tech savvy so bear with me. I'm looking for a high performance laptop that can handle multitasking, drawing programs like PS and Sai, and even some...
  6. 2

    Looking for a light portable device, I have 2 contenders.

    Okay I understand for the budget I have I can build a nice gaming desktop, I already have one so I'm not looking into building one. I also understand that I could get a beast of a gaming laptop, I don't want something that is heavy and thick, I'm looking for nice portability. My budget is...