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    3000mhz ram on i5 7300hq

    Im upgrading ram from 1x8gb 2400mhz ddr4 so dimm to 2x8 in order to increase bf5 performance(that is not the debate or qustuion here). (Acer laptop) Model Name: A717-71G-53HR Part Number: NX.GPFED.001 I scaned my laptop with crucials scanprogram: Your scanner ID:42F4F16E31D926C3 It suggests...
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    Hard Reset Ultrabook

    So I have this device, Chuwi obook 11, It's running all fine till I factory reset this device. When resetting, I might have not plug in the charger, and causing my laptop to turn off. When I turn it back on, the windows reset resumed on 64% and going up to 75% and just restart. It turns on...