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    amd radeon hd 8650g + 8670m dual graphics dont work correctly

    I have a problem and I can not find answers anywhere , has improved my system to win 10 and driver for your video card , but after this performance fell very strongly to compare With the Razer cortex, I had a 80-120 fps in cs : go to settings now when even the medium run Razer cortex fps at...
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    how to crossfire ati amd radeon HD 7660G and ati radeon 8670M? the application "speccy" tells that the crossfire is disabled.

    I have a hp pavillion 15 e026-ax and i have dual graphics(ATI radeon HD 7660G and ATI radeon 8670M). piriform's app 'speccy' displays that the crossfire is disabled. How do i find out if it is true? How to check the crossfire status??
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    picking a laptop and gpu question

    I am looking at 3 differnt laptops atm and having a hard time picking between them. Acer E5-551G-T0JN with a A10-7300 and R7-265m.....$589.99 8gb ram win 8.1 Lenovo? Z50 with just the A10-7300 $499.99. 6Gb ram win 8.1 Or HP Probook 450 G1 ,with a i5-4200u and a Hd 8750m ,$599.99 8gm ram win 7...
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    Need help permanently disabling discrete ( defective) laptop gpu

    Hello, so yeah I have a hp pavilion g6 2005ax laptop its got: ( note the laptop is dual GPU enabled it sucks though) A8 4500m - processor 7640g- Integrated Graphics 7670m- Discrete Graphics Now, the problem is that my 7670m is fried( so I think if you guys could tell me for sure ) my little...
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    Doubts on Temperature

    Hi everyone, I need some guidance about the temperature of my pc. My main concern is that my laptop decrease the fps consequently when I'm playing. For example I start to play League of Legends with 80-90 fps, then as the time goes by, it decreases the fps until I reach 20 fps (after 30 min...