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    Question KZ zs10 Pro VS Samson Technologies SR850 for sound quality and durability?

    Hi, I'm looking for really good sound quality on a budget, I've done some research and got it narrowed down to 2 options, but I don't know enough to pick between them. KZ ZS10 Pro VS Samson Technologies SR850 I know they're very different styles, and that's actually part of my problem, what's...
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    Tough Laptop for Minimal Gaming

    To preface, I work outside (but in an enclosed kiosk, so weather isn't much of a concern) five nights a week, and there's a lot of downtime between customers, even after I've completed my other tasks. I deal a lot with gasoline and other fuels. I've been using a Dell Inspiron 11 to surf the 'net...
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    MSI or Lenovo Personal experience with either?

    Hello All, Anyone have an opinion for or against either of these? I imagine I'd be happy with either but would love to read some feedback. It would get used a lot. Aprox. 8-9 hours a day so durability, product quality matters a little more than performance...