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  1. J

    Disable HP DV6 dedicated graphics card from the system permanently

    Hi everyone, I have a HP DV6-6b13es laptop which dedicated graphics card, an AMD HD 6770m, is fried and the system basically freezes if it tries to use it. I solved this problem by disabling and uninstalling the graphics card in windows 10, but I can't enable updates because windows is trying...
  2. C

    How much is my laptop worth (HP Pavilion dv6-3016sl)

    How much is a used HP Pavilion dv6-3016sl worth? (link to the website) There are very few scratches These are some specs: -15.6" 1366x768 -CPU: i5-450m 2.4GHz -GPU: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 Graphics 1GB -RAM: 4GB DDR3 -HDD: 500GB 7200rpm
  3. BritonW

    Upgrading CPU for HP dv6-2171nr

    Hey there, first thread! :bounce: So I've been using a HP dv6-2171nr as my mobile pc for the better part of 5 years now. I'm building a new desktop already so i'm not interested in buying a new laptop. Also I haven't been able to find a single person online that even has the same laptop...
  4. R

    HP Pavilion dv6 not starting up....HELP

    So i just did a shut down with a new update that the computer needed for windowws 7. but then when i went to try to turn it back on, it can not. I did try to do a hard reset, still nothing. I also had opened the bottem to see how the inside looked. Im a computer geek so i know the most id didn't...
  5. Man1ac123

    I need help with system files?

    Hello guys. Lately my laptop (PC Notebook HP ENVY dv6-7280sp ) takes a lot of time when booting but yesterday something happened. On the task bar on the right side(dont know the name) there are less programs then before. On startup some programs dont start like avg for example. My sound icon...