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  1. sets

    Question Bluetooth earphones stuttering when bluetooth keyboard is also connected

    My Bluetooth earphones keep cutting off or stuttering. I noticed that this happens when my Bluetooth keyboard is connected but then I tested another pair of earphones of the same model and there were no stuttering problems. Is this a problem with my earphones or can it be fixed?
  2. A

    Question Plantronics Backbeat Fit 3200 - request for advice

    Hi, I've been using the backbeat Fit 3200 for quite a while now. I'm generally satisfied with them, though there's one somewhat annoying issue I would appreciate some advice on: when turning on the awareness-mode feature it seems not to be able to filter background noises well, especially air...
  3. D

    Question Need recommendation for good wireless earbuds that won't die quickly?

    Greetings, no matter what I do, my earbuds seem to break or die rather quickly. I tend to have better luck with wireless ones, because there's less of a cord to pull. That said, a while back, I invested in some jaybird Terra pros, only to have the rechargeable battery malfunction. Does anyone...
  4. Jlg823

    Durable Earbuds w/ Noise Isolation?

    Looking for some below $100 ear buds which are durable. Ive been using Sony Bass Boosted earbuds and they just broke on me again. Any recommendations?
  5. ITR521

    Best In-ear Headphones Under $60?

    Hello. I just wanted to hear some of your opinions on good ear buds (in-ear headphones) under $60. I want them to have good bass and I want them to stay in my ears when I jerk my head around. Any suggestions? Thank you.