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  1. Pepperkorn

    Question I think Electrical Interference in my setup

    Hello! I am using a Shure SM7B microphone connected to a Coda MB-1 Microphone Preamp Audio Booster, which then goes into a GOXLR. I have tested different XLR cables, but the issue persists. I suspect it might be electrical interference since my computer is located nearby. Could you please review...
  2. DeathNight77

    Question My cassette deck (TEAC V-340) has a very loud hum when playing back recorded audio

    I bought a (used) cassette deck yesterday, worked fine in store but I didn't test out the recording cause I didn't have blank tapes with me, or recording gear. I tested out the recording this morning, and there is a very loud hum noise, almost like electrical hum, but it sounds similar to when...