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    No way to use Element TV manually? (model E4SFT5017)

    Hey everyone, I recently purchased a new Element TV - 50" 4K LED Smart (model # E4SFT5017), and the remote I received with the package was defective. They have agreed to send me a replacement remote, but while waiting for it to arrive I have been trying to use the TV manually and it seems I...
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    Connecting soundbar to Element TV

    Having a tough time with my Element TV. I cannot figure out how to connect my Vizio soundbar (w/bluetooth subwoofer) to the Element TV. I figured it out and it worked fine with my Samsung, but something with the audio settings isn't right. It has HDMI ports, but no optical. Any help?
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    Cable Settings on Element TV

    I hooked up the TV and Cable adapter box which normally gives us 72 channels and now only gets one. I have changed all the settings under the Cable settings option and still only one channel. I have done a channel scan on all the different settings. The picture is dark and color way off and...