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Forum discussion tagged with Emergency.
  1. viveknayyar007

    How to Set Up and Use Emergency SOS on iPhone

    Emergency SOS in iOS 11 lets you call your close friend or family member in case some emergency arises, and you need immediate attention. To make an Emergency SOS call, all you need to do is press the Sleep/Wake button 5 times repeatedly. Since this is a global method to initiate an emergency...
  2. Z

    HELP! Formatted My entire C: drive , recovered my data and partitions but windows refuses to boot!

    So i was trying to install Ubuntu on my computer and it ending up glitching and formatting my entire C: drive (Now E: for some odd reason) . I flipped out (of course)....... but at the end i managed to restore Hopefully all my partitions and with minitool's bootable (minitool has helped me...
  3. L

    dropped water on my laptop!! Help

    so i dropped water on my laptop and i immediately turned it off, dried it with the blow dried on cool setting and it started working, i left it over night and used it all day and it worked perfectly well. but now it has issues. first the screen went berzerk going all black and white then i...
  4. C

    Asus X55V Problem Help fast

    So , i have a Asus X55V with windows 7. The Unit keept bluescreening so i reinstalled window 7 ultimate from a USB stick.All went fine ,i got to the part where it prepared for the first boot,then the unit stopped and it won't turn on,no lights, no power . Can you help please.Thanks