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    How to connect an EQ to my mixer?

    I have a mackie sr32-4 and I also have a DBX - 231 EQ. I take a 1/4 cable and plug the input of the EQ to the aux send 2 of the board, and Im not sure where the output goes because the aux returns are all stereo. Any ideas?
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    Is it possible to boost the bass in Windows?

    I've been looking for a way to boost the bass in Windows (10) but I can't find anything. I believe it's a built-in feature (equalizer) in android, I can access it via Spotify for example. I don't want that windows sound (edited by moderator) because that doesn't work. Does anyone have any...
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    Kraken Pro muffled sound and having hard time hearing people

    I just got my kraken and am boiling from inside cause i have a pair of 20$ headphones which i think have better quality.... dafuq is wrong? i played with the equalizer but no use, always sucks in a certain part Please help!, also need EQ settings if possible to try them :3
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    Spotify Update Provides Equalizer Function

    Spotify's latest iOS update has added an Equalizer feature, which has requested for a long time. Spotify Update Provides Equalizer Function : Read more