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  1. Wayfall

    My 450D is constantly over-exposing

    Hi I have had my used 450D for over a year now, i love the, but i keep running into an overexposure issue. I 90% of the time use aperture priority No matter what metering, composer or settings my cam keep getting one stop overexposed and i have to exposure compensate or change it in light room...
  2. Wayfall

    Having issues with long exposure

    Hi I went out to Manchester to try and have a bash at long exposure street photography and I used a 450D, tripod, adjustable neutral density filter and a wireless shutter controller. I came across some weird things smearing over some of my images. Whenever i put the filter to max and i do a...
  3. P

    Premiere CC | Lowering Exposure and Increasing Blur on a Specific Section of a Shot

    Hi, how does one isolate a specific section of a shot and change its exposure and blur settings without affecting the rest of the frame in Premiere/After Effects CC? Thanks.