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  1. Graybush

    The Gadget Mom Gift Guide 2018

    These high-tech gadgets are sure to please any well-connected Gadget Mom. The gadget-obsessed mother wants something that will brighten up her day and the home. While many would spring for a Wi-Fi-enabled vacuum, you won't find any of those on our holiday gift list. Be the favorite this holiday...
  2. G

    Power Bank/External Battery for MSI laptop

    Hey so I just bought a laptop, MSI pe70 2qe, and the battery on this thing doesn't last a very long time. I'm thinking about buying a power bank so I can power my laptop off that if I start running out of juice on the laptop battery. I've been looking at a few power banks that say they can power...
  3. J

    External battery for the Razer Blade 2014 edition

    Hi all, I've been looking for an external battery for my razer blade, since replacing it myself isn't done easily (they don't sell the battery seperate) and sending it to the US from the EU is expensive. I've come to the idea to by an external battery instead. I want this one...