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    Shared pci-e slot

    Please understand my question is very noobish and yes I have already done the standard google search for my answer with, well....no answer. Now while I think it can't be done, I want to make sure. Question-can a wifi card and a gpu share the same pci-e slot on my pc? I only have the one spot...
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    Lenovo p500/z500 eGPU

    Recently I purchased a egpu adapter called the exp gdc beast and a zotac Nvidia Geforce gtx 960 and I plugged everything in for the power with a corsair 1000w PSU and plugged the adapter in through a mpcie cable provided with the adapter. I modded the bios. Turned on legacy and turned it off...
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    External Graphics card for laptop (and a few questions)

    I just recently got a laptop and I'm not sure that it will be able to run any game that I may like in the future. It has a nice CPU, but it has an R5 graphics card which I know is not that great lol I am going to go with a low profile graphics card with this. I have a PSU that's a 220-Watt from...
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    [Theoretical] eGPU for MSI GT60-424

    *Feel free to correct me if I am wrong!* *I am still very new to hardware* Hello, I was procrastinating and read a few articles on external graphics for laptops. There are some existing currently, like Alienware's but that only works for their products. I have an MSI GT60-424 laptop, with...
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    Laptop External Graphics Cards the way to go?

    So, I purchased the Lenovo Y410P laptop almost a year ago. It is a magnificent computer with a pretty powerful graphics card (Nvidia GT 755M) being that it can run Battlefield 4 on high settings with a decent frame rate of over 30. However, this system is in no condition to be able to play newer...