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  1. viveknayyar007

    How to Take Better FaceTime Screenshots in iOS 11

    When talking about capturing screenshots on an iPhone, pressing the Power and Home buttons simultaneously is the method applicable all across the device, i.e. while using an app or otherwise. However, post iOS 10 the trick slightly changed, and if the traditional method fails to work, you can...
  2. A

    Check Data Usage of a FaceTime Call In iOS 11

    Since your Internet is used while making or receiving a FaceTime video or audio call, it might be important for you to keep track of the bandwidth consumed for each calling session, especially when you’re on a metered and/or capped network. Regular monitoring helps you decide when, and to or...
  3. tomsguideUS

    Start a FaceTime Session On an iPhone Running iOS 11

    FaceTime, a built-in app in your iDevices running iOS 11 allows you to make voice and video calls to your contacts. In order to make a FaceTime call, your iDevice must be connected to the Internet, and the FaceTime option must be enabled and properly configured in the Settings > FaceTime window...