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  1. I

    Falcon Northwest Fragbook/Clevo D900

    I have a Falcon Northwest Fragbook DRX, yes I know I paid to much for it. I now understand it is a Clevo D900 series, not sure exactly which. I need parts and some tech support which Falcon isnt interested in providing - chassis, screen. It is still one hell of a computer for being 7 years...
  2. SpaceGhost92

    I am looking on buying a gaming laptop but I don't know where or who to go to

    Honestly, I love Falcon Northwest, but considering they don't do payment plans, or any financing I will have to go elsewhere. My preferred specs: 1920x1080 display Intel i7 4810 MQ 2.80 GHz SD 1600MHz 2x4GB (8GB) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M 8GB Wifi Card Crucial m550 m SATA SSD 512GB SD...
  3. SpaceGhost92

    Does Falcon Northwest allow payment plans?

    I know quite a few computer companies do, but I couldn't find anything about Falcon Northwest. I've tried emailing them but no answer..
  4. D

    Best Clevo Gaming Laptops for around $1000?

    Since their products are re-branded and sold by known boutique brand OEMs, (Original Equipment Manufacturers)(notably Sager, VoodooPC, Falcon Northwest, Eurocom, etc.), I was wondering which Clevo laptops are the best for gaming and are also around $1000.
  5. the great randini

    Fastest Laptop on Earth

    quote " Falcon Northwest just launched new DRX laptops, Optional TWO GeForce® GTX 680Ms in SLI! Two graphics cards. Two hard drives. Four CPU Cores. In a laptop?!" for those looking for the best of the best Falcon Northwest Drx Laptop
  6. G

    NASA And SpaceX Happy With Dragon and Falcon 9 Launch

    SpaceX and NASA celebrate the successful launch of its Falcon 9 rocket that carried a Dragon capsule into space. NASA And SpaceX Happy With Dragon and Falcon 9 Launch : Read more
  7. U

    Northwest Falcon TLX vs others

    I have read many reviews of many other computers and i want to hear the communities thoughts of a Northwest falcon TLX vs what you can get from other companies.I've noticed that the price of a nwfalcon laptop is about 500ish more than other configured with the same if not close to same specs. I...
  8. G

    SpaceX Announces New Falcon Heavy Rocket

    SpaceX announced it's next big thing, the Falcon Heavy rocket. SpaceX Announces New Falcon Heavy Rocket : Read more
  9. G

    Will SpaceX Unveil the Next Space Shuttle?

    So far, we have known SpaceX for its Falcon 1 and 9 rocket engines as well as the Dragon spacecraft. Will SpaceX Unveil the Next Space Shuttle? : Read more
  10. S

    Solved! Falcon Northwest I/O Laptop

    Hi, I've been thinking about getting a new laptop. Was browsing the falcon NW website and saw their I/O laptop, which looks quite nice. I have been unable to find any helpful reviews about this machine, though. Anybody have any thoughts about this laptop? Or own one of them? I'm looking...
  11. G

    Remote Controlled Millennium Falcon can Fly

    "Get us out of here, Chewie!" Remote Controlled Millennium Falcon can Fly : Read more
  12. C

    Falcon northwest drx to buy in italy

    Hello, where do i buy falcon NW drx in italy or europe?
  13. C

    Solved! TLX vs MBP

    Hey everyone, this is my first post :) I am looking for a laptop for school, I will do some gaming(tf2, css) nothing to crazy though. Anyway I was looking at 3 choices, the newer Falcon Northwestern TLX and 13"/15" Macbook Pro. Falcon Northwest TLX Custom Paintjob 15.6"LCD- 1920x1080 i5 520m...
  14. Marcus Yam

    Sega Dreamcast Stuffed Into a Millennium Falcon

    Awesome console mod stuffs a Sega Dreamcast into a Millennium Falcon -- And it all works! (The Dreamcast, that is, not the Millennium Falcon.) Sega Dreamcast Stuffed Into a Millennium Falcon : Read more
  15. C

    Fragbook drx

    is it possible to buy in Italy or Europe the notebook Falcon frag book
  16. C

    Fragbook drx

    i should like to buy in italy or europe the falcon - nw fragbook drx. where do i buy it? Thanks
  17. B

    Solved! Falcon Northwest

    K im looking to buy a Northwest Falcon Fragbook Tlx and was wondering what you guys think Power isnt that big of a concern to me so yes i know the graphics card could be a little better and yes i know this laptop is super expenisve and i could get a cheaper one thats probably better but the...
  18. exfileme

    This Millennium Falcon Actually Flies

    It's a Millennium Falcon that actually flies without a hairy Wookie or hyperspace drive. This Millennium Falcon Actually Flies : Read more
  19. exfileme

    Xbox Modded into Millennium Falcon

    An old 1979 Millennium Falcon, provided by Kenner Toys, was modded into an Xbox console. Xbox Modded into Millennium Falcon : Read more
  20. I

    laptop...whats best company

    hey guys what would you say the best company for buying a laptop is?...alienware and voodoo and falcon-nw are too pricy...and i customized a fairly good laptop for a good price with HP...what do you guys think is the best company to go with? budget around 1500