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  1. N

    Securitycheck.pdf False positive or virus?

    Hello Guys. I had noticed earlier today, that i might have had a virus, either way, i decided to just freshly install windows 10 as it has been a long time since i've last done so. However, after getting AV, Steam and drivers installed Avast popped up saying i had gotten a virus from a dokument...
  2. icynicalb

    Discord's website detected as phishing link by Bitdefender.

    When I go on Discord's own website, my Bitdefender antivirus warns me about a phishing virus. Is it a false positive?
  3. L

    World Machine "Generic Malware", false positive or not?

    Hello. I'm new to Tomsguide, and I'm hoping to receive some helpful tips on my dilemma. :cheese: I've been doing 3D for a while now using different programs like ZBrush and Maya, but as most artists I want more tools to do the time consuming work. In this scenario I've been looking at a...
  4. M

    Installing Skype broke other programs

    When my wife installed Skype on her Windows 7 computer, several programs quit working. VLC now reports it can't play the file because it has a virus. This happens for any file I give it, including files from my camera (which is firmware driven and cannot get a virus). Virus checkers don't find...
  5. WildCard999

    Trojan False Positive?

    So I'm using Windows 10 and recently it's been saying that I have a trojan (trojan:Win32/Rundas.b) on my system so I did the quarantine that was recommended however is this something I need to manually remove? Is it a false positive? I would like to avoid having to reinstall my OS. Any help is...
  6. M

    Malware or false positive?

    Hi. I got this link on facebook and unfortunately i did not check the site it linked to before i had already clicked it. I put it through virustotal and only one of the sites flagged it for containing malware/and being used for phising. Google safe browsing marked it as clean on Virustotal, but...
  7. SwiftDaggr363

    Viruses or False positives?

    Any of these actual viruses or false positives?
  8. Rossdowling321

    A game downloaded from steam had a virus for the .exe file, is this a false positive?

    The game overture was downloaded successfully from steam servers on the steam client (fully updated) and then the next day when i'm not playing it at all bullguard tells me to quarantine it because it attempted to hijack another process/program to control/administrate/disguise itself as it. ????
  9. R

    Is this a False Positive or actual Malware?

    Hi. I recently downloaded client and server files for a game that is about 10 years old so I could run my own server locally. The server for the game works but each time I launch the client, my log for Comodo antivirus updates with a Malware called TrojWare.JS.Iframe.FS@295541973. The location...
  10. Mr Burns

    Avira Free Antivirus keeps blocking the same file over and over again?

    So Avira keeps blocking access to this file whenever I try to run it. I know the file is safe, it's a false positive and I need it to run my software. Whenever I launch the software Avira pops up saying it blocked a particular file and then an error message comes up saying the software won't...
  11. T

    Achievecraft.com blocked by Malwarebytes?

    I recently went to a Minecraft Mineplex forum topic and then malwarebytes later showed that it had blocked Achievecraft? Is that website or thing considered malicious or is it just a false positive?
  12. A

    Finding a worrying about of malware each week.

    Recently, I got Malwarebytes (free reputable antivirus program.) Each week, I usually scan and find roughly 3-9 individual malware(s) (mainly not false positive PUPs). Is this normal? It should be noted that I scan daily, and find 3-9 TOTAL malware(s) each week.
  13. M

    drweb virus guard and false positive

    Anybody had experience with drweb when it comes to submitting a false positive. My program is not detected by any other virus guard but drweb. They seems to be unresponsive to all the false positive submissions. Frustrated with drweb...
  14. jimmy_dog

    Norton 360

    Sometimes I will open a program and norton will move it into the quarantine. I look it up online and people just say it is a false-positive. Then I take it out of the quarantine. Can I stop norton from doing this? I know its doing it for a reason but sometimes it will take a program I used...
  15. O

    Is this a virus or false positive?

    avg reported this on a brand new vostro 3450 which was on the internet for maybe 5 minutes before running scan and only safe websites like youtube: avg will not move it to vault; says files too big for vault: