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  1. S

    Which Netbooks were just released most recently?

    Hello all, I am looking for a netbook (Not a laptop) to use while on my bed on my stomach.(Something lighter than a laptop) I don't know much about netbooks. However, I know that I want to buy the newest ones that were released recently. Does anyone know where I can find a list of recently...
  2. M

    Ways to keep a new PC running fast?

    Hi! What are some ways I can keep a new laptop (XPS 13) running fast? I want to have this laptop for a while and want to take care of it. I don't game too much, but I still want to preserve its performance so I can enjoy my machine for a long time. :) Cheers! -Miles
  3. F

    Best Laptop <500usd

    I am looking for a good solid laptop under 500 usd. Something for video rendering and had decent specs? Anyone have any recommendations?
  4. L

    New headset, Quick respone PLEASE!

    Hello, Firstly i live in the UK and I am looking to buy a new headset and i have narrowed it down the the Corsair 1500v2 and the Astro A40 PC (probably Gen2) im not really sure what the difference is within the Gen1 and 2 the need for urgent is I dont know how long the Astro Sale will last £40...
  5. Vitric9

    the Net Neutrality topics....

    I am just beginning to grasp this idea myself and I am very concerned and want to reach out to others who feel that their ISPs should not implement a fast lane/slow lane system or Throttling Bandwidth and DL Speed to 4mbs. MegaBit/s i mean. To my Surprise there is not a large amount of Info on...